An attempt at understanding dreams

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An Attempt At Understanding Dreams

A few months ago I watched a movie called "The Candyman". It was a horror movie about this psychotic woman who massacres people around her but has no idea what she's doing. An imaginary creature called "The Candyman" is appearing to her and talking to her, and she actually thinks that he's the one who is doing the murdering. Anyway, it was a scary movie and I had a bit of fun freaking out my mother that night by telling her that "The Candyman" will appear to her in her dreams (although I didn't think about the consequences if he really appeared to her and she killed all of us while we were sleeping!). Fortunately for my mother (and the rest of us), she didn't dream about him that night. A few weeks later, I did, though! However, I didn't get very scared in my dream because thanks to a certain technique that I developed a few years ago, I can somehow avoid any dangers in my dreams by knowing that I'm dreaming and that nothing bad can happen to me.

This helped me in a lot of annoying dreams before because when I'm in trouble I sometimes just "fly away" in certain situations in the dream or I just ignore it and tell the bad guy that he can't hurt me because I know it's just a dream. I have no idea until today how I'm able to do that, but it really makes me wonder. I also don't know why I had that dream a few weeks after the movie and not the same night I watched it, especially that I had completely forgotten about it until the night of the dream, at least consciously.

Anyway, I...