Attention Shoppers!

Essay by walterHigh School, 11th grade May 2003

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"Attention Shoppers! The store will close at twelve due to the session!" It was the night before Christmas and I had one last present to buy for my mom. I had already got the rest of my family's presents and I had less then 30 minutes to get the last gift. The store was full everywhere I turned there was someone bumping my shoulder. I went to the jewelry department I did not have a lot of money to work with ($15.74 to be exact). I was looking for something that would mean a lot to my mom.

As I was browsing through the jewelry department I stumbled past a display of gold rings. When I started to look through them I thought it was hopeless since most of them were men rings. All of a sudden I stopped and stared at the most perfect ring. It was gold with a mother and her son holding hands.

All was good until I checked the price tag. It read $20.99. At this time I felt like all was lost. As I started to walk away I noticed a saint of a sign. The sign spoke of a 50 percent sale on all jewelry. Without thinking I turned around and took the ring to a register. This was all so perfect and there was but fifteen minutes left for the store to closed and I had all my shopping done. When I got to the register I placed the ring on the counter and waited for my tally, I reached for my wallet when all I found was pocket lint. My wallet had been picked pocketed. After settling down from the shock of my wallet gone missing, I went to put the ring back. On the way back thoughts were going...