Atticus is obviously the most important person in To Kill

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Atticus is obviously the most important person in To Kill A Mockingbird. At the beginning of the novel there is little indication of this because Scout and Jem show very little respect toward him. They are even embarrassed by his age because he doesn't hunt and fish like all of the other parents. However, we quickly see that almost everybody in Maycomb respects him. Scout and Jem only start to realize what kind of man Atticus is after he shoots the rabid dog. Atticus affects the results of some peoples lives because he is a lawyer. The people of Maycomb greatly appreciate his moral values. He sets a good example for the people of Maycomb especially Scout and Jem. The only the people disagree with his actions is when he agrees to take the Tom Robinson case. The fact that the people start to disrespect upsets him very much. This is the time when Jem and Scout really know how great their father is.

Them seeing their father overcome such adversity and deal with almost the entire town on his back, made them mature a lot and respect Atticus like never before. After the trial is said and done the town once again realizes what a great man he is and starts to respect him again. Even thought the Robinson's have lost the case their live is still changed for the better because of Atticus. He really did show that Tom was innocent, so at least the rest of town knows what really happened. The end of the novel shows how much the town still respects when Heck Tate claims that Bob fell on his knife.

Atticus is the most important character in To kill a Mockingbird because he influenced the lives of so many.