Attitude Philosophy Essay

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Everyone in the world had their own personality and outlook on life. You're attitude always effects your life and the events that happen. Attitude gives and huge impact on life by making new friends and first impressions, the outcome of things, and attitude effecting your mood. All of those things are pretty important in life and attitude had everything to do with it. Having a good attitude and always being positive could mean better things for you. Having a negative or bad attitude not only effects you but also has a bad effect on people around you.

Making friends is a very important thing in this world. Most people refer to the phrase " first impressions are everything," and their absolutely right. If you have a bad attitude, people wont want to be your friend, they wont even bother to get to know you. Being grouchy or mean gives off a negative vibe to the other person and if your miserable then the other person will start to feel miserable as well, and in my experience most people do not enjoy that very much.

Making friends would not be such a drag if you were just nice and had a good vibe and mood about you. People will become attracted to you and it will lure you more friends.

Most of the time people want things to go exactly their way and want everything perfect and that will make them happy. The outcome of things really depend on your attitude. Things will never go your way if you are negative or grouchy about them. Having a bad attitude only brings negative vibes to you and the situation. Not being positive about life and being lazy and not caring, being that way with a bad attitude will only result in a...