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Primary Source: Nancy Searer, Esquire February 19, 2014

12 S. Main Street

Lewistown, Pa. 17044

PH: (717) 953-9255

Women in law:

In this profession, women are outnumbered by men. In fact, only about 30% of lawyers are female. Do you feel like being a women makes your job more challenging, why? How?

Do you feel as if your job has made it harder to start a family? Could this be the reason there are more male lawyers than female?


How do you prepare to go to court? How much time do you spend preparing a case?

What is the most stressful part of being an attorney?

Is it difficult for you to separate your values and morals from your job? Do you find it hard to represent clients that you feel are guilty?

I know you specialize in criminal law, as well as civil issues like family law and estate law.

How many areas do you recommend that an attorney focus on? What are the ups and downs of specialization in different areas of law? What area of specialization do you prefer?

Did your investment in education pay off? Do you like your job today and if you could start over and choose another career would you?

College Education: Where? Where did you go to law school?


About 27% of lawyers and self-employed and this is eventually what I plan to do. One requirement for my paper is to include fringe benefits for my chosen occupation. Obviously, benefits can vary depending on where a lawyer works (corporation, government, law firm, or self-employed). I was wondering what it cost to provide health insurance and other benefits to yourself, as well as secretaries and other employees.

What is it like to set your own work hours? (Ups and downs)...