Attracting Foreign Investment into the Netherlands: A focus on Biofuels

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Investment in the Benelux:A Focus on BiofuelsPrepared for: Charlene Lambert, MNGT 4330 International MarketingPrepared by: Erik Sawaya, Etienne MaraisProject Date: 05.03.2008Table of ContentsSection 1: Introduction1.1 Benelux Analysis 11.2 Relevant Statistics for Investment Regions 2Section 2: Engineering 32.1 Biofuels 32.1.1 Biodiesel 32.1.2 Benets 32.1.3 Downsides 32.2 Benelux Sector 32.2.2 Royal Dutch Shell 42.2.3 BIOPETROL INDUSTRIES AG 42.2.4 Biovalue 52.3 BIOPETROL INDUSTRIES AG Primary Selection 62.3.1 Research and Development 6Section 3: Investors 73.1 Oil Sector 73.1.1 Saudi-Aramco 73.1.2 Petrol Development Oman 83.1.3 RasGas 8Section 4: Strategic Alliances 94.1 Consumer Integration 94.1.1 Airbus 94.1.2 Toyota 94.2 Analysis: Social-Economical 10Section 5: Governmental Implications 105.1 European Environmental Goals & Regulations 115.2 Subsidies & Incentives 11Bibliography 12Section 1: Introduction1.1 Benelux AnalysisNetherlands: Economic Overview: The Netherlands has a prosperous and open economy, which depends heavily on foreign trade. The economy isnoted for stable industrial relations, moderate unemployment and ination, a sizable current account surplus, and animportant role as a European transportation hub.

Industrial activity is predominantly in food processing, chemicals, petroleumrening, and electrical machinery. A highly mechanized agricultural sector employs no more than 3% of the labor force butprovides large surpluses for the food-processing industry and for exports. The Netherlands, along with 11 of its EU partners,began circulating the euro currency on 1 January 2002. The country continues to be one of the leading European nations forattracting FDI (foreign direct investment) and is one of the ve largest investors in the US. The economy experienced aslowdown in 2005 but in 2006 recovered to the fastest pace in six years on the back of increased exports and stronginvestment. The pace of job growth reached 10-year highs in 2007.

Industries: Agroindustrial, metal and engineering products, electrical machinery and equipment, chemicals, petroleum,construction, microelectronics, shing.

Belgium: Economic Overview: This modern, private-enterprise economy has capitalized on its central geographic location, highly developedtransport...