The Attraction of Religious Cults

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With the growing number of churches being built nowadays, one might question why people stray from the traditional places of worship and come to join a religious cult. People are attracted to religious cults for the reason that they believe their needs will be met. Cults provide straightforwardly answers to difficult questions that can't be answered elsewhere, a sense of belonging when feeling unsatisfied with life, and for intense spiritual fulfillment.

Humans are inquisitive about life and religion and ask complex questions such as "who or what is God, what is the meaning of life, and what happens when I die. Many established religions fail to answer these questions, or answer in a way which doesn't satisfy the inquirer. Cults encourage intelligent questioning and provide simplistic answers with confidence; it gives members complete certainty about life. Established religions only inform their members of what they could do, but cults also explain how and why, not just because god says so in the bible.

Conclusively, cults provide members with a meaning in life and self knowledge.

An increasing number of adolescents is attracted to cults because the other members act as a family and gives a sense of belonging; a feeling they may not have experienced in their biological family. Many adolescents are more vulnerable and confused from occurrences such as divorce, child abuse, and neglect. This is when cult members come in and comfort you and make you feel worthy until you are persuaded to join. People also desire a sense of love and affection from friends and loved ones; when it comes to fulfilling these desires, cults offer emotional security.

Lastly, religious cults also have a strong magnetism because people who seek spiritual fulfillment. People need God and want to be closer to Him; they...