Auden On Terrorism

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Auden Poems Relation to Terrorist Attacks "Waves of anger and fear...obsess our private lives."� This quote from September 1, 1939 describes how people feel after the terrorist attack on the United States. It's what all the media is talking about, obsessing over; it's inescapable.

"The habit-forming pain"� is way to relate directly to what Auden says. We are in the process of increasing security in many places. This new safety habit that we are now implementing is going to place new limits on our freedoms and cause us the pain of accustoming ourselves to them. "The lights must never go out"¦lest we see where we are."� Were we to be told by our president, that we are completely unsafe, that nobody should go outside, and that we should expect an attack on us at any moment would bring massive chaos in the whole US. So instead our president reminds us that we are safe, and to go about our normal lives.

"And helpless governors wake; to resume their compulsory game: who can release them now, who can reach the deaf, who can speak for the dumb."� I'm sure this must be what the governor of New York must feel now. Now they are searching for corpses instead of live people. Who can tell them how or why they died? Who can understand what they felt? "Yesterday all the past."� This Quotation from Spain 1937 puts into words what has happened. Everything we new has now changed. The views we have of our own nation, our sense of security in it, and our idea of war have all been modified after the terrorist attack. "Yesterday the bustling world of navigators."� This is a very obvious connection with what is happening now. The navigators would be our pilots, which were inactive...