Audie Murphy, American Soldier

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Throughout Texas history Audie Murphy has always been recognized for his achievements of leadership in the military services. He has set many standards for today's American soldiers. Audie Murphy is the most decorated American soldier and will never be forgotten because of his courage. His younger years, travels, and honors have become major attributes to today's American history.

Audie Murphy's younger years were full of good times as well as hard. Audie Murphy was born in Hunt County, Texas (Simpson 15). Hunt County is in the northeastern part of the Lone Star State, some fifty miles below the Red River that separates Texas and Oklahoma (Simpson 15). Audie Murphy, named after a neighbor, was born June 20, 1924 at seven o'clock p.m. He was the third son of seven children. Audie Murphy grew up in a poverty stricken, unsettled family. The Murphy's moved several times during Audie Murphy's boyhood, trying to find the right situation to sustain themselves.

First, the Murphy family lived on the Boyle's Farm near Kingston, where he was born, until 1926. After living at the Boyle's for two years they moved to the John Warren Farm, east of Celeste in the Hog Eye Community. The first few years in Celeste, the Murphy family lived in a converted railroad box car on the south edge of town (Simpson 17). A few years later the Murphy family moved to the A.P. Greene Farm near White Rock for a year or two. They then moved to the Nickles' Farm in Lane Community west of Celeste where Gene Murphy, his younger brother, lived. They were then evicted from the Nickles' for not paying their rent (Simpson 17). In the fall of 1937, the Murphy family again moved to the converted railroad box car on the south...