Audience Analysis paper

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Audience Analysis Paper

Sanjeet K. Singh


June 7, 2010

Lind Sohl



Audience Analysis Paper


In public speaking, or communication of any type to a varied set of individuals, it is impertinent to remember to focus on the audience. In starting to get used to an effective presentation, the consideration of the audience must be kept in mind; meaning what he or she thinks, how or she feels, and how he or she feels about what is being presented to him or her.

Characteristics of the Audience

The audience and the quarterly sales meeting consists of different types of audiences since the stakeholders are managers, salespeople, and customers as well as the employees within the organization. The audience consists of an external audience as well as an internal audience.

This type of audience can also be identified as the primary audience. A primary audience has the power to either accept the recommendations at this meeting or act on the basis of the information delivered at the sales meeting. In order to fulfill the purpose of the message, the primary audience must be reached.

When speaking at a sales meeting, keep in mind the three different entities present, individuals, members of groups, and organizational culture and discourse community. Analyzing individuals involves getting to know the audience as people instead of merely colleagues. Getting to know a person will be beneficial during a meeting because you can be more persuasive since you will know that the person's strengths and weaknesses are. It also helps so that you know how to deal with an individual person since every person is unique and think and react in different ways.

Since there...