Auditing Introduction Letter

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Auditing Letter

Rosa Bernal

ACC/546 - Auditing

October 23, 2014

Thomas House





Auditing Letter

Apollo Shoes

Shoetown, Maine 11223

Dear Apollo Shoes,

Please accept this letter as confirmation of the arranged upcoming audit to Apollo. In the audit, we will audit the companies financial statements, which include the statement of cash flows, income statement, balance sheet, and the retained earnings statements. These statements are considered the financial statements.

Here at Bernal and Associates we provide financial, compliance, and operational audits for numerous customers. An operational audit focuses on specific areas of a company with the major focus on measuring the companies performance. The way to measure performance is to look at the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the company. Areas that are tested are receiving, sales departments, and shipping. Auditing performance will benefit a company as it will provide the company with a measured profitability result.

It will ensure that a company understand where the problems are and what changes need to be made. Bernal and Associates will audit Apollo Shoes financial statements and ensure that the company is following and in compliance with General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This is viable information for managers, banks, government agencies, creditors, and investors. The audit researches and studies whether or not the company is in accordance with its rules and procedures that are implemented by higher authority. Audits are essential to companies and allows a company to ensure that all requirements, laws, and procedures are being followed which lower risk of potential lawsuits. Auditing is an essential measurement of internal controls that allows a company to view and understand where they are not meeting standard requirements by (GAAP) (The Importance of an Audit, 2014). Bernal and Associates also offers attestation services, which is also...