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Argument Essay: Life Stories

India has undergone rapid economic growth in recent decades however; only a few portion shared the wealth while the rest of the massive portion remained separated, living in slums that may not have proper shelter, sanitation, running water or electricity. Depict these struggles the people remained victorious, making a living out of what they are given. This triumph of human experience is best conveying in the two poems by Imitaz Dharker, "Living Space" and "Blessing". In both poems, Dharker used in-depth descriptions of how the people living in these slums undergo their lives and the obstacles they faced but still kept faith in the run down room. "Blessing" is about the poverty and the religious expression of the people in the slums where the people are blissful for every little thing they are given and taken as a gift from God and not let their habitants destroy them.

"Living Space" portrays the chaos of the shantytown with faith described as well kept light within their dark house, remaining victorious. . Dharker used many literary techniques such as imaginary as well as religion and in-depth descriptions to covey the struggles of human experiences in the slums.

The article, "Opening Night," by Katherine Boo lacked in conveying the triumph of human experiences in slums compared to the two poems, "Blessing" and "Living Space," by Dharker. The article itself, depict about the life of Sunli, a thirteen year old boy who works at the Airports Authority of India. Although the article least convey the victorious of human experiences in slums, it does greatly on describing the surroundings of the slums and the cause of the unsanitary environment saying, " one of the many slumpy lanes behind the shop, lacked lights, water, and a...