Augustus' Role in the Consolidation of the Roman Rmpire and the Ending of the Republic

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Augustus, originally known as Octavian, came to power in 44 BCE, during a time of great political, social and economic instability. Augustus' political, military, monetary, religious and social reforms and decrees, in conjunction with the honours bestowed on him and his manipulation of the Senate, helped consolidate the Roman Empire and end the Republic. In order to combat the myriad of problems plaguing Rome and gain the power necessary to consolidate the empire and end the Republic, Augustus employed many tactics, both underhanded and in plain sight.

One of Augustus's most successful public policies occurred at the beginning of his political career. "Two of the most destructive problems facing the late Roman Republic were the instability and disunity caused by incessant civil wars"... and "the constant revolt of the provinces (of Rome), because of corruption and mismanagement." (Pine: 1) These problems provided Augustus the perfect platform for his political campaign.

In a very public move, Augustus made the reunification and consolidation of Rome his main priority.(Pine:1) Recognising the problem the provinces constant revolt had on his plans to consolidate both the Roman Empire and his power over it, he announced in a Senate made decree,

"... So that it may be known to all who are under our care. From this it will be evident to all the inhabitants of the provinces how much both I and the senate are concerned that none of our subjects should suffer any improper treatment or any extortion." (Sedivy: 2)

The decree was designed to win back the trust of the previously abused and ignored lower classes of Rome, while encouraging them to believe that things were going to be better of because he personally would see to it... The second effect of the decree was the citizens turning to Augustus for leadership to...