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WHO did this and WHAT happened

The German army, led by Adolf Hitler, imprisoned Jews, Slavs, Red Army prisoners of war, gypsies, political prisoners and homosexuals in concentration camps also known as extermination camps. There were many of these camps established. Auschwitz had three main camps. The "Final Solution" was organized at a secret conference in Wannsee in 1941.

The prisoners were not treated well. They were starved and once they outlived their usefulness they would be gassed. The coffee was really bitter and they weren't given much to eat. The food was watery soup made with rotten veggies and meat, a few ounces of bread, a little bit of margarine and tea. Because they weren't fed well they had a lot of diarrhea and they starved. Also the starvation and housing contributed to contagious diseases being spread through the camp.

Almost 60,000 prisoners were forced to do a death march (most of these were Jews) before they were liberated.

This was an evacuation from Auschwitz. The march was brutal and killed many. If they fell behind they were shot.

When the Soviet Army entered Auschwitz and freed the remaining prisoners only a few thousand prisoners were left alive. When- 1941- until the end of World War II. In all nearly 1.5 Million Died at Auschwitz.

Executed at Auschwitz Alone

Nearly 1,000,000 Jews

70,000-74,000 Poles

21,000 Gypsies

15,000 Soviet Prisoners of War

Since WHEN-


Started as army barracks and was transformed into a concentration camp.

WHERE was this

In Birkenau, Germany. Now Poland.

WHY did this happen and HOW did it happen

Hitler convinced Germany that they were the master race and they should rule all. The Jews and other races did not fit into that picture. So he chose to annihilate them. Hitler did not just...