Is Australia losing its individuality?

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Good afternoon adjudicator, chairperson and members

of the audience. Firstly I would like to rebut the

misleading argument the first speaker of the affirmative

team stated. No matter where you look or go, Australia

is unique it does not have a twin this is not a game, no

other country is the same. We disagree with the

affirmative team's definition. We believe the topic

should be defined as We: Us Australians Losing:

Suffering deprivation of Individuality: The sum of

qualities that characterize and distinguish a nation from

other nations. Altogether: Australia is not suffering

deprivation of the sum of qualities, which characterize

and distinguish it from other nations. I the first speaker of

the negative team will be speaking about Australia's urge

to become a republic, an individual's point of view when

it comes to government, Aboriginal reconciliation and our

presence in the world form. The second speaker will

speak about individuality in the daily life of an Australian,

Living in a global media environment and the film

industry. The third speaker will sum up our case. Australia's

urge to become a republic really shows Australia's

individuality. On the 6th November 1999 there was a

referendum. The vote was a result of a debate that has

lingered throughout Australia's history and gathered

momentum after the dismissal of the Whitlam government.

The call was so close nearly half of the Australian

population wanted to change the governmental system set up

at Federation in 1901. Most people knew that Australia could

stand on it's own two feet without Great Britain's hand for

support. The result of the referendum made all the people really

realize how different Australia was from its so-called mother

country. They also realised at that stage that they should not

have to answer to another country but to their...