Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War

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Australia feared communism due to the fact they thought that if Vietnam fell to communism then so would Australia, this can be referred to as the “Domino Effect”. This resulted in the policy of “forward defence” which provoked Australia to take action before the domino effect of communism spread throughout Asia and the western world.

In this assignment I will be focusing on the Vietnam War.

The purpose of the Australian Foreign Policy is to advance the national interest – the security and prosperity of Australia and Australians. The Australian Foreign Policy seeks to maintain national security, promote economic and trade interests, expand regional and global links, and promote the nation as a good global citizen.

A more recent foreign policy priority is the promotion of the nation as an active and responsible global citizen. Success in this area is measured by our response to human rights, terrorism, third world debt, and drug issues.

Australia already has a well deserved international reputation because of the work of previous foreign ministersFrom discovery and colonisation, Australian Foreign Policy, for the initial part of our nation's existence, has been wholly reliant on Great Britain. World War II and the pending threat of a Japanese invasion brought about a prompt change in focus of foreign policy, from Great Britain to the United States of America. This conversion occurred when Great Britain couldn't come to our defence when Australia was under threat and it became increasingly clear to the Australian Government and the Australian people that the courts had to look to new ways of ensuring our regional and national security.

In 1929, Ho Chi Minh and other prominent leaders founded the Communist of Indo-China. As a leader of the Communist Party, Ho actively spread communist ideology which promoted the power of the...