Is Australia's Preoccupation With Sport Healthy?

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Australian preoccupation with sport has many factors, both healthy and damaging. At some times we unite under sport, other times we are divided by our sporting teams. To take the question literally, sport causes us to be healthier which obviously poses many benefits. During this essay, I will explore the issues, both good and bad, to come to a conclusion on our obsession.

Investigation/ analysis

Australia's love of sport means that we are constantly competing with each other. This means that we are constantly trying to better ourselves, making people choose healthier lifestyles by quitting bad things, such as drugs, and eating healthier. In the time we live in, obesity is more severe than any other disease. Looking at a nationwide perspective, if the whole country obsesses over sport (playing, not spectating) and starts eating healthy to benefit themselves, eventually we would eradicate obesity. Statistics prove that only one in 20 people are genetically obese, the others are not either eating healthy enough or not exercising enough.

There are still some negatives to this. If the whole country starts loosing weight some people may choose anorexia as a means to fit in. Also, performance enhancers may be taken to better ones performance. It is also a well known fact that if you overdo it, you may inflict injury upon yourself. Some of these injuries may include injuries that cause lifetime impairment, limiting further physical progress.

Looking from a nationalistic point of view, world sporting events such as rugby, cricket and the Olympics can unite the country. Due to its support, sport creates many jobs for people who are less academic. Without sport, anyone who favours brawns over brains would have to do jobs related to labour, paying a lot less than the typical academic career. These jobs, along with...