Australia's relations with Asia

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Australia's relationship with Asia has changed dramatically since federation in 1901. There was great suspicion and fear over communism spreading to our shores, because of this we were taken into combat with British and US forces During the 1940's until roughly the 1970's (more specifically 1975) several times fighting against Asian countries. Great changes had occurred by the 1970's when Australia started to export to Japan. Since then onwards, great relations have formed in such areas as security, trade and educational tourism and aid resources within our Asia-Pacific region.

Security for economic and military purposes is the major change, which has occurred between Australia and other countries since federation. Alliances have been formed to ensure no more wars against neighbouring countries, such alliances include: APEC (the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation) and the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). These alliances have been made within many countries some include: USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Singapore and many more countries.

Our links with the ASEAN alliance shows the development of closer diplomatic relations between us since Federation and the growing of our two very different cultures.

Trade is another major change, which has led to closer relations within our region. The recognition of Taiwan being a province if the Republic of China established the starting point with our relationship. Trade was the main focus point in the new relation, exporting raw materials such as wheat and iron ore. The strongest tie Australia has in relation with trade is with China and Japan. The Japanese have had strong ties since the late 1970's, many treaty's have been signed to ensure that there is safe exporting and also use of nuclear activity between both countries, which is also relevant to security. Our main exports are coal, iron ore, beef, petroleum, wool etc, mainly natural...