Australia's Relations with Asia

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How have Australia's relations with Asian nations changed?

Asian's over the years of Australian history were viewed with fear and suspicion, this was not improved in World War two. When the Japanese were the first to bomb Australian land. World War two was the lowest point of relationship between Australia and Asia. During the Gold Rush in Australia brought many Asians from overseas and Australia did not like this, the Asians soon settled down in Australia. Since Asians seemed to work harder and in worse conditions then Australians, they then began taking Australian jobs.

In 1901, Federation occured which brought the White Policy Act and the Immiration restriction act. This made Australia feel safe. These acts made it easy to discrimminate against anyone who was not Australian. Australia also felt protected by the Western Colonial powers in Asia.

In 1885 many Asian countries then gained independancy, those who gained independancy later were Asian countries that were owned by the Dutch or French. Australia helped these countries by refusing to load Dutch ships and gave them support in the United Nations.This was a sign of Australia's changing relationship with Asia. In 1949 Indonesia was granted Independence

When the labour party gained office in 1972 the move towards a more open political and trading relationship with China became a priority. A Chinese embassy was opened in Canberra, Trade was expanded and appreciation and understanding of Chinese history was encouraged.

In 1989 Australia broke off all diplomatic realtions after the Tiananmen Square Massacre. In February 1991 Australia renewed trade.In 1978 Australia publicly acknowledged Indonesian control because keeping good diplomatic relations with Indonesia was the highest priority. In March 1966 was the next major...