Is Australia turning into an American State?

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In a time of change and social upheaval, we, as Australians, must become conscious of the fact that we are not immune. We will change with the world as well, but we must endeavor to remain autonomous to aggressive Western states.

Already we have started to turn from a proud, independent nation into a subjugated state of external powers. The one time firm and resolute stance that Australia took to prevent becoming dominated by foreign states is fading, allowing our nation to alter under the pressures exerted by powerful nations.

Australia is a Westernized society. Like the majority of such countries, it doesn't care about the majority of the world. As with all money hungry capitalistic states, Australia is basically ruled as a plutocracy. Those who are not wealthy do not have as many rights as the man who makes a vast fortune my breaking the backs of hundreds of other people.

Even though such obvious discrimination exists, Australia prides itself on having a classless society, and as being a democratic nation. The public believe this because of the propaganda being blatantly thrust upon them. Australia barely has its own government anymore, being more like a toy that America will occasionally start to play with, before abandoning it in the corner again. Australia follows America no matter how unrelated a new activity may be. Australia has no culture of its own. It is an attempted copy of other capitalist countries.

Australia has attempted to industrialize as America had done, and it is for this reason that Australian are moving from their place in the bush into the cities, turning from Australians into Americans. Rather than resist, Australia has embraced unlawful hegemony without even a hint of realization. America exerts this force of dominion to make Australia spend billions of...