The Australian Automotive Industry

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The Australian automobile manufacturing industry produces a variety of cars of different shapes, sizes, models, colours and brands for a society whose needs, wants, and desires are never alike and always changing. There are four major car companies that manufacture cars in Australia; GM Holden - based in Geelong, Melbourne, Ford Motor Corporation of Australia - based in Campbellfield, Victoria, Toyota Motor Corporation of Australia - based in Altona, North Victoria, and Mitsubishi Motors Ltd - based in Elizabeth, South Australia


In Australia, automotive exports are the sixth most valuable Australian export - almost as important as iron ore, exceeding those of traditional export sectors such as wheat, beef, and wool, and more than twice as large as exports of wine. In 2001 the automotive industry added nearly $4.7b back into the Australian economy, accounting for over 6% of total manufacturing activity and nearly 0.7% of total economic activity.

The Australian automotive industry is very competitive with more than 40 companies vying for a part of the Australian market. Of these, 4 have manufacturing plants here in Australia; Holden, Ford, Toyota, and Mitsubishi. The other companies export cars and because of the imported car tariff some drivers are turned away from the higher than average prices. Also Toyota, Holden, and Ford compete for larger market segmentation than other companies do. For example Toyota, Holden, and Ford manufacture a variety of cars; such as passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, luxury cars, and sports cars whereas other car companies tend to manufacture cars in the one area. For example Subaru and Mercedes, Subaru manufactures cars in passenger vehicles and aims at the majority of the market. Mercedes on the other hand produce luxury cars which are aimed at a niche market in austrlia.

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