Australian Food Industry

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Australian Food Industry

Sector of Agriculture and Fisheries

Agriculture is the name given to all grown foods it includes both plants and animals. Around 60% of all of Australia's land mass is used for agricultural purposes.

In February this year, Tony Abbott promised to the Australian agriculture sector a financial assistance for drought affected farmers. A new financial support system called the Farm Household Allowance was supposed to come into play on the first of July, but because of terrible drought in Australia and suffering Australian farmers, the Australian Government is looking into introducing the new financial assistance program earlier. (See appendix 2)

The Australian Government has indicated to the Australian community the construction of new dams. This will be decided upon by an established frontbench taskforce to consider Australia's future water supply needs. Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce will chair the ministerial group who report that their first investigation will be how they can fast track development on a new water infrastructure.

(See appendix 1)

The ministerial group also said they will investigate in new water storage systems for water sustainability for the Australian community and the agriculture community.

The important development of the farm household allowance will mean financial security for farmers suffering times of drought. This will allow farmers to spend money on water and keep out of excessive debt.

The construction of dams in Australia will mean that the agriculture sector will flourish with all water that is needed being able to be supplied. It will secure water levels in Australia for the general Australian community and the Australian farmers. In times of drought it will supply farmers with much needed water for their crops and animals.

Grain Growers

GrainGrowers is an Australian national, financially sustainable, technically resourced, grain producer organisation within the Agriculture and fisheries sector.