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'World War 2 was the first total war... In Australia, the government took control of ordinary peoples lives' by introducing conscription and censorship. They deprived Australians at home food and soldiers at war ammunition and rations. The term meant by 'Total War' is that not just the people involved in the actual fighting help contribute to the war effort but as well as the men, women and children back in Australia. All of these topics shall be discussed over the course of this essay.

Everyone not just those involved on the battlefields were contributing to the war effort in some way. Children collected paper clips and other sources of metal to donate to the war effort. Aborigines volunteered for the AIF and were helping in the big fight to stop the Japanese. Women were involved in many facets of the war effort. Not only were they involved on the battlefields as soldiers and nurses, soldiers, and communications experts but they were also helping I Australia by working in factories and by keeping their families together.

Soon after the war was imminent the Australian government introduced conscription for the defence of Australia. Australia's military was made up of 80,000 men and women for Australia's protection against an attack. The training of 20-year-old single men was introduced in October 1939, by the trade union and Labour party members. The Prime Minister Robert Menzies believed it was fair: That their militia members had to give up their jobs so these men should as well (1939:pg156). The training of men was for the two Australian defence forces who defended Australia. They were the AIF (Australian Imperial Forces) and the AMF (Australian Military Forces) which was made up of conscripts. The announcement of Australia's involvement and entry into WWII was broadcasted on the 3rd of...