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Australia is definitely a far off land away from almost any other land in the world. Because of this, you would think the "land from down under" would be considered a whole new world to us; but in fact, there isn't a whole lot different about this country (or continent, you could say also). Australia has the same beliefs we do (Italia 22), celebrate holidays that we celebrate (Italia 35), compete in the same sports and activities we compete in (Italia 36), and live the same lifestyles we live in (Italia 28). Despite all of the similar qualities, however, there are some interesting features that are found only in Australia; including the Australian language.

The main language of Australia is English (Jeans, D.N. 900), but there are many other languages present from immigrants who live there. This includes: Africans, Europeans, Asians, and the biggest Greek community outside of Greece. The diversity of cultures, of course, brings many religious beliefs also.

With Christian being the most common religion there, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam are among the many other religions celebrated in Australia. (Italia 22)

Besides the amount of variations of people who immigrate, you cannot forget the variety of the natives to Australia. Yes, most of the Australians wouldn't be able to be differentiated with other citizens; but the remaining few of the present-day Aborigine tribes would be as noticeable as Osama Bin Laden and a bunch of English noblemen. These people [who some still live by how their great ancestors (Italia 29), who lived in Australia before anyone else had even stepped foot on Australia's lands (Italia 4), did] not only know the English language, but know around 30 different native languages as well (Italia 23). Talk about variety! What makes it more amazing is that the Aborigines [along with...