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I agree with the statement "Australians are supporting Multi-national companies rather than buying Australian made and owned, when they purchase products and services because of ignorance".

Major brands such as Tim Tams, Kellogg's, Coke and Tip Top Bread are regularly advertised on television, newspapers and magazines, so we as consumers become accustomed to being familiar with these brands. As most of these products (Kellogg's - American and Tip Top Bread- UK) are generally foreign owned, these companies have larger budgets to spend on advertising. Consumers are therefore familiar with these products ( Kellogg's breakfast cereals) and will generally buy the products that are advertised on television or in the newspaper. Our buying products are also influenced by children. "Oh mum, mum lets buy Allen's Lollies". Parents are influenced by their children to buy products because they are advertised on television. .

Consumers tend to buy the same items (biscuits, cereals and chocolates) which patrons are used to and familiar with.

This is because they develop shopping habits which are hard to break. Regular shoppers don't want to change a product because they have always purchased the same one. For example, Vegemite is practically found in every household in Australia yet consumers would never consider buying and trying another variety of spread. This is because most consumers grew up with this spread during their childhood and are familiar with it and are now using it well into their adulthood. Consumers tend to buy what they are used to.

Most Australians will eventually buy a new brand of food, eg biscuits, but after trying the product are unhappy with the quality and taste therefore reverting back to their original brands (trying Dick Smith biscuits and then going back to Arnott's biscuits). If something tastes good then people will keep...