Australian Migrants and their experiences in the 20th century- "Australia has not always been the lucky country for all its inhabitants in the twentieth century." Discuss

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"Australia has not always been the lucky country for all its inhabitants in the twentieth century." - MIGRANTS

During the twentieth century, migrants have faced many hardships and difficulties while trying to reside in Australia. They have primarily dealt with issues such as the 'White Australia Policy', which prevented them from migrating to Australia as they wished, as well as causing previous coloured migrant inhabitants to be forcibly deported out of Australia, a place in which they considered as their home. Another result of the 'White Australia Policy' was racial discrimination, which affected many of the coloured migrant inhabitants of Australia. However, not everything has been a negative experience for the migrants of Australia. After the 'White Australia Policy' was abolished, migrants were welcomed into Australia, and seen in a different light as a national benefit, rather than a national threat. Australia has not always been the lucky country for dwelling migrants in the twentieth century, although at times, it has been a positive experience for the migrant inhabitants living in Australia.

The 'White Australia Policy' was a policy based on preserving the racial purity of all British stock in Australia. It began in 1901, when the Commonwealth Immigration Restriction Act was introduced, enabling the Government to restrict immigration by a means of a dictation test. From there on afterwards, new policies were being introduced banning all non-British Europeans from getting involved in Australia and its nationalistic activities. In 1930, the entry of all non-British Europeans was banned, with the exception of being wealthy or having relatives already living in Australia. This stopped migrants from coming into Australia to start a new life. The dictation test was impossible to pass, which caused a great amount of grief for the immigrants wanting to...