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Develop A Workplace Learning Environment

1. Introduction

No doubt, Human Resource Management (HRM) is a characteristic approach to run people. People make a commerce function professionally and yet they cause the most difficulties. Particularly in the latest information-based financial system, people, not physical assets, are at the present critical. But people, different coalmines and industrial unit, cannot be owned. Organizations consequently have to make an environment that makes the best people desire to stay.

Given the commitment to the continuous changes taking place in all types of organizations, like their host human resource (HR) functions, change will be the only certainty for training functions and those responsible for training and development initiatives in their organizations. Training functions will have to run differently as organizations expect more evidence that they are contributing to organizational success. In response to calls for changes in the way training has traditionally been done, many have responded by calling for redefining the mission of training, renaming training, and even firing or getting rid of in-house training altogether because it is not costeffective.

In short, the pressure is on for trainers and training functions to reinvent, reengineer, revitalize, remake, and improve what they do

2. Literature review

I am a manager for a workplace group comprising 6 persons, deployed as follows: Manager Employee relations, personnel consultant, HR development consultant, OH&S safely consultant, Industrial Relations Consultant & Reception/Clerical Administrative. Background: This research focus upon the main unit services the HRM needs of a national construction/building company employing 900 persons, ranging across Architectural, Engineering & Quantity surveying professionals, Para-professional building technicians, trades persons, managers & clerical support persons. Recently the company has upgraded its computer network moving to windows XP operating from windows 98 and the...