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Australia is situated between the Indian and Pacific oceans, and is south of the Asia, hence its name meaning south of Asia. It is an island continent and is completely located in the southern hemisphere. Australia is also the only continent occupied entirely by a single nation. Tasmania, a small island that is off the southeast coast, is also a part of the continent of Australia, Australasia or as it is known by the French Oceania, although that does include the islands of the pacific.

Australia is the smallest, flattest, most arid, and least populated of the inhabited continents, (Antarctica is the most arid of them all). The south coasts are touched by the cold Antarctic Ocean the bits of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans around Antarctica, however, the sea on the northern coasts are hit by warm, tropical seas.

Australia is a small continent, but it is a large country, it is the 6th largest country, smaller than Russia, China, Canada, the USA, China and Brazil.

Australia has technological and industrial economy with very productive primary

Industries it also holds lots of mineral and other resources. It has the largest wool production and coal exports and has large amounts of iron ore and bauxite. Because of this Australia has one of the heighest standards of living, it is 16th in the industrial world.

Australia go its independence in 1901 from the British empire. It contains six states; New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western

Australia, and Tasmania. Australian coat of arms consists of a shield that has the badges of all of the six states in Australia. The coat of arms has a kangaroo and emu on each side. The national flower also appears that is the golden wattle. The national colors are green...