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1. Religion in Australia is a very broad topic and with Australia's multiculturalism it is a topic open for interpretation. There are many different cultures and faiths in Australia. Many people consider themselves Christian but they don't attend worship or practise the Christian faith. Christianity is also very broad and branches off into other sectors. I believe that the Australian people are more agnostic than anything. 'Australia is the most agnostic of Western societies' a quote from Phillip Adams. So therefore I think that people believe that if they don't do wrong to others they won't be done wrong themselves, like karma. I believe that many people in Australia are very religious though many are not because of this time and age. People still do attend regular worship, either on Sundays or going daily. Australians today, live a busier lifestyle compared to our ancestors. The lifestyle today is faster, so people have to make choices for themselves about attending regular worship or simply going on important dates.

Many Australians are converting to what I believe are easier religions with less commitment involved. Some of these faiths include astrology, which includes no attendance of worship and is interpreted in different ways by all people. Another is Buddhism, this religion according to Gesha Doga a Buddhist Monk "ultimately finding true happiness that can never come from material possession improving mind and spirit by minimising fear and not to harm others". This quote from the Buddhist Monk is what I believe many Australians want today, happiness and a sense of belonging. This contemporary Australia we live in today, allows people to make their own decisions about religion, either to be religious or not to be.

2. Australians express their spirituality very differently. Because we live in a multicultural society, with different people believing...