Australians never should have been sent to fight in Vietnam because it just was not our fight

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War. Always a fickle subject. Politicians always seem to rub their hands in glee in anticipation of what they can gain from it. Whether strengthening bonds with an already powerful country or to help fight another country's war in the guise of helping them, but with hidden agendas behind the scenes. Such is the case with the Vietnamese war, and our involvement in it. The then Prime Minister, Menzies, believed that we had to take an active stance in the Vietnamese War. So that we could stem the flow of communism around the Asian region that was apparently spreading. Troops went and died for his decision, but still, communism remained. Australians should never have been sent to fight in Viename because it was not our fight. The many protest groups around at the time tried the Government this, but still the government pressed on.

Vietnam used to be occupied by the french in the eighteenth century.

In World War 2 when the Japanese invaded, they fought side by side to fend off the invaders. Soon afterwards, the Vienamese turned on the french, and eventually defeating them in the North side at Dien Bien Phu. The north side became pro-communist, which the south did not agree on, so the country divided into north and south at the 17th parallel of latitude. The North was supported by other, also communist countries, China and Russia. While the south was supported by the United states of America. The north gradually began to send their troops over the south border, after receiving support from people who shared their views from the south. Thus began the Vietnam civil war.

The Vietnam civil was supposed to be just that, a war between themselves. But somehow a foreign country became involved because of looking after their own...