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How the author creates suspense and tension.

The two extracts I have chosen are Across The Causeway page sixty-five to sixty seven and Whistle And I'll Come to You pages one hundred and twenty four to one hundred and twenty seven.

In the extract from Across The Causeway Kipps sees the Woman in Black for the second time but when he sees her this time the Woman in Black has a look of pure malevolence and evil on her face. First Kipps asks himself if the hatred is directed at him then Kipps get scared and eventually angry. Susan Hill builds up tension and suspense in this extract in many ways; the pace gives the extract tension because events are going quite slowly so the passage builds up to a climax. This technique keeps the reader sitting on the edge of their seat and clinging to every word.

Another technique is putting words in groups of three to make a feeling seem stronger or more intense.

Page sixty five Line nineteen "she directed the purest evil and hatred and loathing,"

Another way the author creates suspense and tension is by describing in vivid detail the physical effects the Woman In Black has on Kipps. " Indeed, I had never in my life being so possessed by it, never known my knees to tremble and my flesh to creep, and the to turn cold as stone, never known my heart to give a great lurch, as if it would almost leap up into my dry mouth and then begin pounding I my chest like a hammer on a anvil..." This makes it all the more real and disturbing to the reader.

Susan Hill uses language to underline the intensity of what Kipps experiences for example she uses writes "the worlds hopelessly...