"The Author To Her Book" by Anne Bradstreet.

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"The Author To Her Book", by Anne Bradstreet is a poem directed towards her previously written book. The whole poem is an extended metaphor as it is writing about writing. The book is personified as her child and thus there is simple rhyme and rhythm. The poem is written in iambic pentameter, and in rhyming couplets. The whole piece has only three sentences, yet it is not short, and consists of many commas. The commas are pauses, which portray breathing, and deeper meaning behind the words because there is therefore, more time to think. It is made up of run-ons, and is an enjambment. To add to the intentions for a child to read, it is all one stanza to make it flow smoother. The poems deliberate naivety portrays the author's sincerity.

The first line of the poem already contains two negatives, "ill-formed", and "feeble brain", this should foreshadow an unhappy poem, but one later finds out that it surprisingly sweet and honest.

She immediately uses the word, "offspring", referring to her book, which is only primarily clear due to the straightforward title. The fact that she personifies the book as her child is to such an intimate level that it shows her deep connection to this book. She describes in the second line how she kept the book after it was written by her side, not intended for others to really see it, "after birth...my side remain". By the third line the word, "snatched" is used, which is a very abrupt, and harsh word. This word creates tension and intrigue especially due to the following description of her, "friends less wise than true". This means that her friends aren't very smart; they more want to merely show her off, the author is either being modest about her...