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The Mississippi Writers Page is typically a relevant web site that brings together in one place a wide assortment of information about Mississippi's plethora of literary writers. The content of this web site is precisely comprised of a collection of individual articles on the writers detailing biographical background and critical commentaries, a comprehensive list of their publications, media adaptations, a selective bibliography of critical resources, and a collection of hyperlinks to other sources on the Internet. Students, readers, and the fans may find this web site useful and beneficial because of its relevant and timely resources. Visitors are provided with the facility to browse the listings in a number of ways. For examples, visitor may access indexes to the individual articles sorted by authors' last names, by titles of published works, by year, by places, and also by genre associated with authors.

In the realm of American literature, William Faulkner was more than simply a renowned Mississippi writer and the Nobel Prize-winning novelist.

He was a well-known short story writer throughout the world as one of this century's greatest writers. A young man, who never received a college degree, wrote a series of novels all set in the small Southern country. One of his novels, "A Rose for Emily" that would one day be recognized as among the greatest novels ever written by an American.

William Faulkner was born in 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi, but grew up spending most of his adult life in Oxford, Mississippi. Faulkner demonstrated artistic talent at a young age, drawing and writing poetry. Faulkner's writing career, however, had a very slow start. He accepted an invitation to become a cadet in training in the Royal Air force in Canada in June 1918. His brief service in the RAF would also serve him...