What the author, Willa Cather, is trying to convey throughout her book "My Antonia".

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"My Antonia" is narrated by one of the main characters of the story named Jim Burden. Jim's mother and father both died when he was very young so he was sent to live with his grandmother and grandfather in Black Hawk, Nebraska. When he arrives, an immigrant family from Bohemia moves in next door. Jim then meets Antonia Shimerda, the youngest of the Bohemian family. Jim and Antonia become best friends, while enjoying every moment together. Jim and Atonia share great memories while they grow up together. However, they both grow together through the rough times as well. Antonia's dad commits suicide as a result of his unhappiness. Antonia is crushed and Jim helps her through it. Jim eventually makes his education and career his main priority. When Jim questions his priorities, Antonia tells him that he must continue to strive for his education and future goals.

Jim and Antonia eventually drift away from each other when Jim goes on to college to pursue his career and Antonia stays at home to work on the farm.

Antonia insists to follow her free spirit and what makes her happy. She eventually marries a local man named Anton Cuzak. Together they are happy with many children and their very own farm. Jim becomes very successful and also gets married, however he never finds true happiness that Antonia has. At the end of the book Jim and Antonia meet when Jim comes to visit his old home. He realizes how happy Antonia is and is very proud of her. Jim admires Antonia because she found the happiness that he could never find.

The author, Willa Cather, is trying to convey the importance of the true meaning of life in society. Antonia represents the rare, free-spirited, woman who finds the true meaning...