What is Authority?

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There are many words in the English language today that people use without knowing the true meaning of. According to Webster's, the power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command, determine or judge. What do you think this defines? No this is not the definition of dictatorship or totalitarianism, but simply authority. Authority is over used and some people need to realize what this robust word means.

When most people think of authority, the thought of the government or a supreme power comes to mind. In the real world, the government doesn't have nearly as much power as you think. Authority is comparable to supremacy, which is something more of us can understand or take in.

You can control who has and how much authority over you. The most over used ways of authority are with police officers. They actually use what power they have, but in doing this they also lead you to believe they have a lot more.

Being able to control you and having you give up your rights to them.

Once you understand what authority actually is you can begin to see that no one has complete control over you. Others can try to make you think that way, but in any case they don't. You control yourself and don't let anyone try to make you think different. Because who just wants to be another brick in the wall?