How the authors Katherine Mansfield and Frank Sargeson used different ways to make the stories "A Great Day" and "The Fly" entertaining and thought-provoking.

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In the two short stories, The Fly written by Katherine Mansfield and A Great Day Written by Frank Sargeson, the authors use different ways to make the stories entertaining and thought-provoking. This is what I am going to write about in the following essayThe author Katherine Mansfield, who wrote the short story ‘The fly’, uses different ways to make the story entertaining and thought-provoking. The short story although lacking in humor itself can be found rather entertaining as the author cleverly uses symbols and characters actions to do this. Character actions such as the way that ‘Mr. Woodifield’ and the ‘boss’ (whom we never find out the name of) seem to forget things easily, normally the most important things are forgotten and the little things remembered. For example when the old man ‘Mr. Woodifield’ is talking to the boss he says he had some thing to say (which he forgot), then finally he remembers at tells ‘the boss’.

Then this forgetfulness is also shown by the character ‘The boss’ when he gets sidetracked by the murder of the fly and forgets about his sons death which he had just been upset about, but still he remembers about the least important thing, the fly.

The story is made entertaining, if even in slightly cruel way. This is portrayed by the murder of the fly, caused by the bosses own curiosity of life and death shown by the way that the ‘boss’ rescues the fly and saves its life, the tortures it by simple curiosity resulting with actions which cause its innocent death. This is also entertaining because you see a older man ‘ the boss ’ fascinated by the results of his own actions, which causes him to realize that his own actions result in the death of a...