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Media 4


Media Reporting

Sylvester Ali White

English 302

Media Reporting

Media technologies are becoming an important aspect of today's society. Each and every day, people interact with media of many different forms. Media is commonly defined as being a channel of communication. Radio, newspapers, and television are all examples of media. It is impossible to assume that media is made up of completely unbiased information and that the media companies do not impose their own control upon the information being supplied to media users. Since many people use media very frequently, it is obvious to assume that it has affects on people. According to the text book Media Now, "media effects are changes in knowledge, attitude, or behavior that result from exposure to the mass media," (386). This leaves us with many unanswered questions about media and its influences. Is it possible that news reporters perceive things differently? Or, it is the source Media's way of manipulating the intended audience.

This paper will exam how 2 news sources reported the abuse and torture of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

In an article dated June 18, 2008, CNN reported that a 121-page report uncovers medical evidence of torture, which includes; torture, beatings, electric shock, sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation, sodomy and scores of other abuse. Because only 11 detainees were examined, the Bush administration denies allocation of torture and "the findings of this assessment cannot be generalized to the treatment of all the detainees in U.S. custody." Previous investigations into government treatment are consistent with the findings in this report, making is reasonable that these detainees are not the only ones experiencing these brutal acts but a representation of a much larger number of detainees subjected to torture while being in U.S. custody. All the subject told...