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What are some of the reasons why you should never smoke?

First, I do not smoke since I know that it affects the human body in innumerable ways. If I were to smoke, it would change me as a person progressively but also have effects on my health. One part of my body it would affect the most is my lungs, since a smoker inhale what he/she smokes. I would start to feel lots of pain, for example I would cough consistently with mucus, and I would gasp for air; the air sacs of my lungs would be irritated and damaged as well. How come does this occur? Since if I were to smoke, I would inhale nicotine and other chemicals found in a cigarette, and it would affect my breathing. I could also get many types of cancers (all connect with each other). The lungs connect also with my heart and blood vessels; since they are the ones in charge of either bringing deoxygenated blood to my lungs and then bring them to the cells.

But since smoking fills air with chemicals, my blood would carry less oxygen, and my heart would have to pump harder: which can lead to any heart disease just like stroke. Some parts of my body would be affected more than others, but they all would be damaged at least a little: even my reproductive system. I wouldn't be able to do as many sports as I do now and that would lead me to being more depressed.

Secondly, I do not smoke, because I know if could also affect the people around me (in my environment). I have experienced second hand smoke when I went to my friend's house, and really didn't like the smell I had when I went back to my...