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In April 1999, Mary Gorman wrote the following:

"I hear a mother complaining about her child talking back to her and think...I wish my child could talk. I see two brothers play tag at the park and think...I wish my child could do that. I hear a mother complain about her daughter's choice of wardrobe and think...I wish my child could choose and dress himself. I see my son line up his legos, and think...I wish he could build something with them."

A mother of a nine-year old autistic child wrote this passage.

Every child born in the US is supposed to get a variety of vaccinations in the first year of their lives. I feel that the way these vaccinations are administered causes autistic behavior in many children.

Autism is a syndrome characterized by impairment in social relatedness and communication, repeated behaviors, abnormal movements, and sensor dysfunction. Basically, autistic children are unable to speak or communicate.

They have extremely obsessive behaviors, they rarely make eye contact with others, and they become so focused on something, that they do not recognize their environment around them; including people who are speaking directly to their face.

Many scientists and doctors believe that this disorder is caused by elements that are found in infants' vaccines. One of these elements included is Mercury. Mercury is the second most toxic element on this earth. In fact, the amount found in a singe, small mercury thermometer is enough to pollute and entire lake (small lake). Dr. Bernard Rimland stated that the mercury found in children vaccines is in the form of themenrosal, which is even worse. In fact, it is fifty times more toxic than natural mercury.

According to Dr. Rimland, Infants do not have a blood brain barrier, therefore, when the mercury is injected into...