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On the evening of February 22, 1980, after 5 days of intensive labor, Jannette and Aliyas gave birth to a 6lb.2oz. baby girl, Lorraine in Victory Memorial Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. They knew from that day forward that their lives would change forever. This baby girl was independent from the moment that she came into this crazy world. Her screams would fill the day and night air and drove her parents insane, but that was just the beginning of their dreams. Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved being all dolled up, even if it was to go to school, you would always see me in a dress. For the next four years, all the attention was on me, until one bright morning on March 10, 1984 my brother, George, 7lbs.6oz. was born making it a family of four.

From the age of five to the age of fourteen, I attended a catholic school.

Then for my freshman year of high school, I attended an all girls, catholic high school. In March of 1995 came the sad news that with never came true. My parents sat my brother and I down and told us that we were moving to Clifton, New Jersey. Now I have been to Jersey on visits, but have never wanted to live there. I am a city girl, and that is where I believe my heart is. It was such a difficult change from living in a city life and then a total change to country life.

Being of Middle Eastern descent, it was always hard for me growing up. I was not able to do as most kids "on the block" did such as going to the movies with friends, or being able to go to parties and things like...