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Autobiography By: Kevin Hoffman Early Years I was born in Bakersfield, California on August 22, 1986. My birth was unusual because my liver and other intestines were born outside my body. Doctors worked round the clock trying to save me. I officially died twice but doctors revived me both times. I finally went home after three months in the hospital, which probably accounts for my late maturing in high school. Doctors still don't know what went wrong with my birth but they did say that I'm lucky. I realized this when two days after I was born a girl was born with the same characteristics and she didn't make it. This begs the question why did I live and she didn't.

At only ten months old my parents separated and my dad gained custody of me. California was still my home but not for too much longer. My dad put a side a couple of years so he could put his CPA firm in position where he could leave it and spend time with me.

During that period of time I spent most of time with "Mommy"� and "Poppy"�. They were my baby sitters and good friends with my dad so they agreed to take care of me when he couldn't. Then the day came where I was supposed to leave with my dad across the country to Florida and said goodbye to my family and friends. By then I was four and my mom had had another child, Bryan. It would be a year till I'll see him next.

I was the navigator of the car and my dad was the driver. After a couple of weeks of driving from nine to twelve hours a day we arrived in Florida on a dark and stormy night. The flashing lights...