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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus spend is life expanding horizons, and getting more human knowledge. He had an urge to uncover the ocean secrets. His obsession on finding Asia, Japan, China, and India. He led the way into the future, and discovered a New World. He had a great impact in Europe and the rest of the world. But when Christopher Columbus died in 1506, no one really noticed, because he had no celebrity. Since Columbus wasn't that popular in his own lifetime, no one bothered to paint a portrait of him, interview him, or ask for his autograph. That is why many artists have guessed how Columbus looks like. There are some traces of his life though. Like a ship's log kept on the first voyage, and a biography by his son that are full of exaggerations. Historians are trying to write biographies of him. They are also having theories on what kind of man he was -a scholar, a religious man, a political consultant, or a criminal.

Like the theories, the historians are also deciding if Columbus was a hero, a lucky bumbler, or a greedy businessman. The next three paragraphs are about whether Columbus was a hero, a lucky bumbler, or a greedy businessman to try and find out what Columbus was really like. Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in the port city of Genoa. He was the son of a weaver. He could have easily learned his father's trade and spent the rest of his life at home making cloth of cotton and wool. Instead, his determination of learning about the world made him spend his life on the ocean exploring. From age fifteen to twenty five he got on a merchant ship and started taking dangerous journeys down Africa's coast. Columbus probably started this desire...