An Autobiography of Isaac Chioino

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I was born July 11, 1987 in Reno, Nevada. I currently live in Salinas California. I live at home with my mother and father. My mother's name is Mary Jane and my father's name is John Doe. I live in a two bedroom duplex located where there are no bus stops. I spend most of my time indoors or outdoors when it is dark. I like keeping myself separate from others, knowing that I will not get along with certain people that are around me. I am very intelligent in my own way, and I get myself into a lot of trouble.

My name is Isaac Chioino. I live in Salinas, Ca. I am a person who keeps to themselves most of the time and I have a short temper. I have many problems with authority and certain laws. I have been arrested several times in my life and I have always grown up around crime.

I am a thrill seeker and I love action and anything that gives me an adrenaline rush. I have stolen over twenty cars, mostly brand new, and I have been on one high speed chase. That is just one example of what is fun to me. I know wrong from right, often I choose wrong. However I know my boundaries, I make sure what I do can be fixed or taken back. I do follow certain morales in my life and live by them. I wish not to tell you them though.

What does life mean to me you may wonder? Life to me is short and depressing. I do not really have any goals in life for I do not believe anything in life is worth doing when in the end you will just fade away. I do think if I were...