Autobiography of Malcolm X.

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The Autobiography of Malcolm X takes us to the journey that Malcolm X had been from the beginning of his life to the end of it. He did not have a wonderful life, even though his achievements were amazing. Being hated all the time, worried about his life constantly and at the same time trying to change the perspective of the world regarding the Black race was not an easy job he had to maintain. As Alex Haley tells us, he had to surpass a lot of obstacles.

This is also the message that Attallah Shabazz, Malcolm's eldest daughter, is trying to send us through the foreword she dedicated to her father. Attallah wants us to fully comprehend what Malcolm's family has gone through, how they [members of the family] managed to survive those terrible attacks from both the white and black [members of the Islam Nation]. Through her foreword she implies that her family is a strong one, and supportive towards its members.

Her father, Malcolm X, and her mother were really in love with each other, and were there for each other whenever help, love, and comfort was needed.

Attallah Shabazz writes about the event when America decided to have postage stamp with Malcolm X picture on it. While giving a speech on that event, she expressed sadness that her mother was not able to attend the unveiling of the Malcolm X postage stamp that this speech commemorates, but is strengthened with the knowledge that "she is now where she longed to be; beside her husband. And together they are toasting our healthy continuance and productive lives" (xxiv).

In another place, she mentions "what Allah had destined for [her father]," foreshadowing the theme that one's life must conform to a destiny chosen by God (xv). Her inheritance is...