Autobiography of Mark Twain

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The Story of Mark Twain

Samuel Clemens was born November 30th 1835, in Florida, Missouri. The night he was born Halley's comet appeared. He was born prematurely and his parents didn't expect him to live long. When he was growing up he was always in danger either with illnesses or drowning. When Sam was four years-old his family moved to Hannibal Missouri, a town on the Mississippi river. His dad opened a general store.

Sam started school in a little log house when he was five . The lessons he liked best was not taught in school. He learned to tell stories from black people in his town. He learned about nature. When he grew older and his imagination grew wilder he liked to skip school and go swimming in the river naked. Sam and his friends loved adventures, nothing was forbidden. He learned about life from people who lived on Mississippi river.

Everyday Sam heard the cry of the steamboat coming down the river. Him and his friends wanted to work on the steamboat someday.

Sam's dad died when he was eleven. Now his family was poor he had to get a job delivering newspapers. His brother started his on newspaper. So Sam went to work with his brother printing and writing things for the paper. By 1853 Sam was looking for adventure and ready to leave Hannibal when he was 17 years old. He spent time moving from city to city. Sam earned money by working for printers.

One day he decided he would go to south America. But he needed some money he got lucky by walking down the street and he found a 50$ bill. In 1857 he got on a steamboat heading to south America but while he was on the boat he got an...