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ASSATA an autobiography/Open Letter By Assata Shakur My Perception---Ã The (untold) truth Assata Shakur's biography taught me so many different things about life culturally and politically. I felt at times as though I was experiencing what she experienced in terms of racism and oppression of a race. I was also able to relate to her in many ways. No, I never grew up down south or met a member of the KKK, however I can honesty say I could relate to her struggle. The difference between she and I is that she is highly intelligent and I am socially naive and ignorant because I believed everything I was taught in high school. For example when Assata speaks of the abolition of slavery I always thought that it had ended due to President Abe Lincoln, what I had never known is that it was a battle about economic reasons with the capitalist from north and industrialist.

My open brain pores were once filled with amerika's perception of history. But it is now filled with Assata's perception of history in which I call herstory. The way the book was written was very weird. She skips from old to new and I truly don't understand why. The book was written in a different way than most other books in terms of the use of spelling and the use of words. The tone of this book changed as many times as the pages turned. The tone of this book started off exciting and frightening at the same time but as the time periods changed from back to forth it became clearer because everything caught up in the end.

I don't know where to begin on my analysis on the articles and the book of Assata Shakur. She is a revolutionary whom I...