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BOOK REPORT Characters Sir Henry Curtis Jose da Silvester Captain Good Nerville Mr. Quaternain Khiva Umbopa Ventogel Twala Gagool Scragga Durban Sir H. Rider Haggard (story teller) Story This story talks about an adventure of a group.

This story began with a man talked with Jose da Silvestre he had a map. Two weeks later he was sick and he was died. Eighteen months ago, he met Sir Henry and Good. Sir Henry that met in a place an elephant's hunter he name was Mr. Quatermain and they told him about a tale that tell about some diamonds that are in the mountain crossing the dessert. So Mr. Quartemain that invited Sir Henry to went, because he need five men to go with him so Sir Henry can look for his brother that he supposed he is there because he has not see him along time ago and he have to take care about his little brother after Sir Henry father dead.

So Sir Henry gets one more man and the man that invited him was with a friend. Then a man that heard about the trip that they are going to make wants to go with them, and he asked them if he could go. The next day they left so they were crossing the dessert just with a letter and the map that tells where the diamonds are. And the when they where in the dessert they bight with an elephant a one of them die he name was Khiva. Then they pass though the dessert with thirsty until they get to the mountain Sheba s breasts there it was snowing and they go to a cave from took of the snow there a man die, they found people there, the problem was that the law of Kukuanas was than all the strangers have to died so they tell to the tribe that they were Gods that came from the stars but the king ask them for a prove so he can believe them and so they take a book that tells that it is going to be a moon eclipse the next day so the tribe believe them but the king does not believe them so they declare war and men of Henry won the battle so a woman she name was Gagool take them to they are in there the door of the cave get close because thrower the rocks and the woman died almost the other two that were with them died during the war so now there where three of them and they where trapped in the cave until one of them discover a little hole so they start decking until they go out of the cave with the diamonds then they return to the tribe to get home and then Sir Henry found his brother and stay with him and the others men back to cities with the diamonds.

Opinion This story is very interesting because is an adventure and mystic, and the characters are groovy. I like the cave when the diamonds was because is real big and the old woman and the bad person dead. I don t like the part of the story because they have much dead and very very bloody the good persons of the story.