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Today's companies use office automation software to simplify daily tasks and assist with group collaboration. Central schedules, PC-to-PC video and teleconferences, e-mail software, office servers, and similar tools are commonplace in today's businesses. This paper highlights how Carollo Engineers uses a few of these key automation and collaboration systems.

We use Groupwise as our internal email system to communicate with other employees within the organization. There are many additional features in Groupwise besides email; however, the calendar and task features are the only other two we generally use in the company. Some of the advantages of having an internal email system include improvements in communication, productivity, collaboration, and information management. On the downside, the internal email system can also hinder communication. When pertinent information is sent via email, it may go unnoticed if the recipient is not frequently checking his/her inbox.

Along with the office automation software that is used at the Carollo Engineers, there is also a great deal of group collaboration software used. The software program that is used on a regular basis is an internal application known as Vision. This software is used as a marketing database. Information on projects, clients, and employees in housed and updated. This software program is a great tool and really makes it easy for everyone involved to quickly access all of the information as well as make any changes

Carollo Engineers uses a program called Sharepoint. This program allows us to build webpages for our construction projects that all team members can access. The Documents Web Part on your public page allows you to share documents with other people. All documents you have saved to every library in your organization, except for your Private Documents Library, automatically appear in...