Automotive Engineering

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Automobiles are vastly increasing their efficiency and safety while retaining the fun. They go farther, last longer and have more advanced features for the driver. Even foreign companies are putting the pedal to the metal and are coming out with new models mainly focusing on fuel whether it is gas, electric, ethanol, or vegetables. Cars are being accommodated for the every day soccer mom or the younger speed craving youth driving America today, there may be a category for a mid-life crisis in there.

Automotive engineers design, test and develop vehicles or components from concept stage all the way to the production and are involved in improving the Automobile in response to customer feedback once on the market. Specializing in areas like aerodynamics, alternative fuels, chassis, electronics, emissions, manufacturing, materials, rapid prototyping, vehicle and pedestrian safety or supply chain management. They use both traditional methods and state-of-the-art technology to engineer vehicles to increasingly high standards.

Also they use design intuition to appeal to the every day soccer mom or the speed craving mid-life crisis man.

They are not directly involved in concept development or manufacture, but they will work with stylists and production engineers to make sure that the whole process is efficient and planned well.

Typical work activities of an automotive engineer consist of working on the development of land-based vehicles and their activities are either, design new products or revising existing ones, research and development, finding solutions to engineering problems, or production of new cars.

Most graduates start with a formal training program that lasts about 12-24 months, which is a series of placements in different departments in the company. During this time the graduate gains a general knowledge into other areas of the company and can build up a bunch of contacts. At the end of the...