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Jose Gonzalez

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Nov. 26, 2013

Ms. Mucciarone

Avatar, by James Cameron, is a sci-fi film about how humans are on Pandora to get the unobtanium within the planet. The Na'vi prepare to fight to protect their planet and their lives. Jake Sully is on a mission to learn and make a bond with the Na'vi people. At first it was only a mission for Jake but as he learns more about them he wanted to protect and become one of them. The conflicts in Avatar show what happens when different societies clash. Cameron's film is a reflection of realistic situations that highlight the flaws of human nature.

The internal conflict which the main character, Jake Sully, struggles is morally complex. When Jake and his Na'vi clan were getting bombed and losing the fight to the humans. They went to other Na'vi clans for help. The way they responded to the conflict was by confronting the humans and fighting back with everything they got.

They communicated together to come up with a plan and defeat the human army, and they showed a lot of anger and hate towards the humans.

The endless struggle for power is clearly shown when corporate greed takes priority over living beings. When Jake got accepted by the Na'vi people back in the base people respected him more because he was achieving and accomplishing the mission. The army was also achieving more power towards the Na'vi people thanks to Jake. He responded to the conflict by communicating and sharing his information about the Na'vi people and their planet. He was also showing a lot of resolution because he was giving answers and solving problems the scientist and army wanted to know.

In the movie freedom happen when Grace had to choose between...